So I just heard the latest single by Beyonce... and I don't know about you but Beyonce (music) always makes me feel like I need to bring the sexy out. Show the world Ms Mieka lol.. Yeah I have different names for different parts of my personality. See Ms. Mieka is something serious and... well I won't get into it ..lets just say shes a lil hard to handle but ready to be handled lol. But anyway Beyonce makes me want to get on the track and walk so that I can get into some sexy super cute jeans and a pair of heels... Now I'm not sure I mentioned this but I'm 6'1..yeah I'm up there. A few years ago I stopped wearing heels because it makes it harder for me to find a mate but Beyonce (music) always makes me feel like saying freak that, dudes just got to get with it ...


Traci Lavette | April 25, 2011 at 5:29 PM

6'1!!! Girl, you need to donate about 3 of them inches to me so I can get to my 5' 7" desired height! I'm jealous! And yes, Bey does make a girl want to wake her game up, don't she? I feel you on that one!

Pamieka Adams | April 25, 2011 at 9:49 PM

lol yeah hun 6'1.. I use to have huge issues with my height but as time went by I started to love it... and She really do.