So the micros are back! I really do like my natural fro BUT every now and again ..like every other month I just need a different look. Anyone who have had micros or simple know someone who have had them know that they can add stress to you hair. Ever seen someone before micros or any braids, and their hair was fine and than saw them 2 months after the micros and ALL their edges were gone? Recently this happened to my sister. She went to the same place that I did only my hair was still in place once I took mine out.
I really think that her problems wasn't with the micros but with the fact that her hair is just so unhealthy. My sister loves the idea of having long hair but like many she has never had long flowing locks. Hair type is all genes unfortunately for my sister she didn't get the easy curly type hair that others in our family have but than neither did I, the difference is that I take better care of my hair and use better products.
Example before getting micros my sister washes her hair blow dries it and go to the shop
I start almost a week in advance with a deep conditioner, hot oil treatment and little playing in my hair. The day before I get the braids I do this again air dry and right before going to the shop I put in a leave in conditioner and a little oil on my scalp. I know that most people don't put anything on their hair before getting braid but I say better to have edges than none.