once again

So I'm trying to get this Fat thing under control once again. In the morning I'm back to walking and hitting the track. I have invited my friend's cousin to tag along with me, she's a few years younger than me but around the same size as I am. Even though I'm taking her along I'm not going to worry about weather or not she wants to continue this with me, after all I need to get healthy for me. So it starts again. I started this last year around this same time and was really doing well until I got sick (appendix). I really want this but its so hard. My weight loss  inspiration is an old friend of mine... she is doing it and doing it well ... she has a blog check her out http://www.shapelylouise.com/  really nice blog.  By the way I'm thinking about vlogging ..ummmm not sure yet but if I start the youtube thing I will be posting here as well.

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E. Louise | April 25, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Ha! Let's get it Meka!!!For real this time! Thanks for the S/O!! Love ya Girl!