Really Dude? Really

So I'm at work and this man walks up to me 'Hey there' he says .... 'Hello sir' I reply in my I'm at work voice, 'Do you need help with something?' He looks at me and say ' ummm I see you don't have a ring on' this big smile on his face. Did I mention that he was missing teeth. I said not a thing put on my 'please nig' smile and turned around. I want to know whats the deal.. really Whats the freakin deal?
Yall I'm not all arrogant or anything but PLEASE tell me what is it that these eww guys see that says I even slightly look like I would for a second be into a nothing looking, nothing cute about ya dude. Let me know so I can change it . Now...RIGHT NOW! To be honest yall I don't think its me ...well I know its not... now this is going to sound ugly but my blog my thoughts,... ugly dudes just be as bold as ever and I think that women have become too desperate. I want someone I'm mad attracted to for many reason...not just the outer BUT
I'm the one who have to kiss him every night, I also would prefer someone without babies BUT if so a small number like 1 lol  whom he takes complete responsibility for. I'm not willing to settle and be unhappy. But back to the less than desirable dudes. Now I don't think I'm a Beyonce but let me lose crazy pounds and get a for real booty and hunnie sista girl may come to my neck of the woods to see what the competition looks like lol ... like I said not being arrogant BUT.... confidence I do have (everyone should have) and  besides that I have personality and there is not too much that I can't have a conversation about.... spelling is really bad I'm thinking I need to move, cute guys are either lacking confidence, gay, over-the-top cocky, married ..... short ...or something else. What is it looking like in ya neck of the woods bloggers? Should I pack a bag and run to ya town of better looking, educated, funny men.
Now I should say this yes I want a cute guy... but I'm not all about looks. There is a lot appearances tell you and you find out even more when that person begins to speak. Ugly does not have to be used to describe a persons outer. It can be used to describe their inner. If we can't have a simple conversation.. I very well may say 'he was cute but his mind was ugly... In this case there was nothing not ugly about this guy.