you Natural...really?

I have micros in once again bloggers.. I needed some time away from the fro. This hair texture is still very new to me which means that I have next to no idea what to do with it now that its longer than 2in. I have an habit of asking women whom I see with natural hair how long they been on their hair journey. Most times this is fine. they tell me, we chat and I let them know that I am also natural and they go on their way. Well that is not how it happens all the time  some times I see a natural ask the "How long have you been ..." and they answer, I tell them that I am also and they look at my micros and say something like ummm hummm .. or really or you're Nat-u-ral? as if I don't know what the word is. Yes I am. I don't have a perm just like you don't have a perm therefore I am natural. These ladies can really just get carried away with this natural thing. You are not better than me b/c you rocking ya fro and mine is braided. Please get over yourself. They go on this whole natural products, wood like African earrings and just freaking loose it. It's just hair people!! I thought it was all about not being your hair... (India Arie..I am not my hair) but your natural hair has taken over your whole life and now you are just annoying to us all.

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sunshinestar110 | April 13, 2011 at 3:01 PM

Those are the pushy natural women who drive me insane! I'm glad ur natural and that jazz but me i'm not for it!

Good luck on your journey!