My aunt is getting on my first and last people...really she is. To be completely honest with yall, this is nothing new ..she always getting on my nerves. I mean it's crazy. I say left, she say right. I say red, she say blue... Did I mention that these are decision about my life? You would think that I'm going on 12 instead of 27..I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!
I'm a to my self sort..meaning b4 I talk to anyone about anything I've already figured it out in my I always right? Of course not BUT I don't need YOU to tell me what YOU 'think' I should freaking do every time I pick up the phone to call you.
Another thing she do that BUGGS the hell out of me... My aunt loves to call me when I'm in stressful situations so that she can talk and talk and freaking talk .. In the beginning I used to tell her that I didn't feel like talking... Guess what bloggers that would offend her ...and all of a sudden I would find myself in either an argument about how I "act" and some other stuff that I wouldn't listen to or I would find myself in a lecture about my behavior or some other mess....
So now bloggers I don't even waste my time.. I just say hello try to say yeah when she ask a question and ummmhuh until she says bye..BUT do that freaking work NO now I'm just "holding the phone" and she "can't tell if I'm on the phone" no winning...none
Now bloggers maybe I should tell you that my aunt and I are very close..we talk a lot ..I even lived with her for a while ..she helps me when I need it, shes encouraging and I respect her.. BUT the lady is killing me. She has known me all my life she should know when I need space... I'm a lil sick of this!!! it always happens when I'm already stressed about 10 other things..and then she calls with all her blah blah blah..I just want to scream "HUSH I DON'T FREAKIN CARE" the funny thing is that I don't say a thing and yet she still get mad at me... 59 minutes until the next hour..lets see what it brings.