one thought to the next

OK ppl it's been a while ...bad news...I haven't walked in over a week...still want to get first it was my car now it's just me being lazy 
Good news I just completed my first week of work...and it's ok best of all its a paycheck until I get into my career which I didn't tell you all  will be teaching. I'm so ready to be ....I don't know doing something else... I'm thinking about going somewhere by myself.. My friends and I are pose to be doing this trip thing which I really don't know if its going to happen at this point ...I want it to but whatever... I want to kinda go somewhere ...just me.. weird huh maybe I'll plan on doing it a year from now
So I am going to start back walking ..I was so excited about it and I still want to be an 18 instead of the 28 I currently am so I am going to do this ppl I haven't lost my momentum just my way for  a little while
good news I haven't been eating crazy
I know I'm hopping all over the place in this blog but thats what my mind is doing right now sooooo lol
Lets see what else is going on..... My best friend and I haven't been talking as much but we always kinda do this usually I take this time to get close with one of my other friends that I have neglected..but oh well.
on to the next thing...
I've been thinking about marriage alot lately which at ..almost ..27 is the norm (I think) for a single woman .. I don't really want to be married right now but I so wouldn't mind being in love .. a friend of mine who is older and single keep telling me to stop throwing men back ... I just want one I can love back...I guess when you get to a certain age ..hers not mine... you wish you would have given someone from your past a chance.  I have yet to meet a man who I think I can be with long enough for the wedding much less for the rest of my life.
Most of my friends are married...even ones who I thought wouldn't be...and they are almost all younger then me all but like 3.. so hear I am and I'm kinda ready for the next step......waiting