Black grandmother

Jill Ciccone Pike

I found this pic online and I loved it. It makes me think of all the grandmothers who are out there and have raised their own children but find themselves once again wearing the shoes of parent with their grandchildren. This is very normal in the black community. The view of a family is normally described as: father, mother, children. But this is not what is the normal in the black community. With more and more children being born out of wedlock and more fathers walking away, the view of a black family has changed from days of old.
I don't want it to seem as if I'm picking on black men because I'm not. I personally think that there are many good black men out there..and that there are quite a few bad mothers in our community.
I think the key to this is to teach our children responsibility and to let them know to hold on to their bodies longer. A teenager is not ready to be a parent. I know of young adults who are good parents but most are just not ready for that responsibility.
I should point out that although this blog is directed to the black community, we are not alone in this but we do have the highest numbers in grandmothers becoming mothers again