Beyonce Hater

So I used to be a Beyonce Hater. No real reason for disliking this lady that I knew nothing about, I just didn't like her. I remember giving some cockamamie story about how unfair she was to her old band mates as if that had anything to do with me. Stupid I know, since no one except them know what really happened. In 2003 when Beyonce released her solo album I had to let my hateration take a backseat.. it was poppin just that hard. With the rest of the world I had to go get the CD. That's when I stopped being a Beyonce hater and became a Beyonce lover.                                    
About two weeks ago a friend and I had it out about Beyonce. She hates her. No real reason why, she just doesn't’t like the lady. When I asked her why, she gave the same old reason "well she put them other girls out the group" 1. that's been years ago. 2. How do you know what happened? don't. Another reason she gave was that she didn't like Beyonce because she fired her dad "Her dad made her, how she just gon fire him?" 1. what business of it is yours? 2. How do you not be angry about your family as you know it ending? So after I said this to her she went on to say that their are better singers then Beyonce. WHAT?!!? Where did that come from? I didn't say anything about homegirls talent but since she took it there I pointed out Beyonce record sales and all her fans worldwide. Her reply " everybody don't like her."
Yall the girl was killing me. 1. You don't have to like someone to admit that they are talented...ex. you don't have to like me to say I'm 2. How is it that you dislike someone who you don't know?
When do Beyonce say more then two words on camera? Almost never. When she accepts her awards you hear "Thank you" a few people that she thanks and then she’s gone. There are some celebs that allow you to see enough of their personality to say you don't care for them BUT Beyonce is not one of them.
So this is what I think of Beyonce haters... you're jealous...she’s beautiful, rich, talented, and you cant handle it.. GET A FREAKING LIFE!

And I'm talking to everyone out there who can't admit that someone is pretty, funny, cute, smart, fun, just because you "don't like them"  Become happy with yourself.