Just Me

O k all .. Lately I have been in a kinda ... ugly everyday stage. Not sure why. I love to do different things to my hair and mix and match new cute outfits but for some reason I have so not felt like doing that for the past few months .. well thats over. I don't know what my deal was but Ms.Mieka is back and ready to be extra cute. I need a plan... and ummm to go back to work so that I can support this cuteness that I love so much :) So first thing tomorrow I'm going to work on it. get a plan and do it. Now I need to tell yall something about myself... I love to talk a good game..really I do... every few months this motivation to do ...something... finds me and for a little while I'm all "YES YES YES! but as time pass those YESES becomes  ..yes..yes..yes.. and they just go away. not sure if I'm making this clear but .... I loose the motivation ...gotta find a way to keep it ... lol really I do. Anyway yall for now thats the plan.
I wasn't going to have a resolution this year after all for the longest they have been to loose weight and ummm I'm still fat lol but I feel that I need one sooooo...
I'm going to stop being so unmotivated.. stop being so lazy in all that I do ..and really I am lazy
In school I settle for Bs when I could make As with just some effort ...and well I won't get on this whole fat thing... But I will say I need to start eating healthy and walking again if for no other reason then to be healthy and feel better. I like being me I just wish I was MORE me. So yall keep your fingers crossed that I can do this lil bit. By 28 I want to be a not so lazy :) motivated happy ..healthy if not smaller... me. Lets get it!... wait can I put in love in there...lol well bump that I only have 6 months.