He looked at me and I was caught
mesmerized by his eyes
Thought he was my super hero come to save me
took me on rides in his bat mobile and we zoomed into the night

flew into my life and promised to love me
he said he was just for me
...and for some reason I believed
But see he failed to tell me that there was a  she..and a her as well as me
He said I could be his Louis
hold his cape when he stepped on scene
be his back-up in his his time of need
but see he didn't tell me that he had
a Robin waiting
she was sitting up late nights looking at the clock
wondering where he was
hoping he would call

I don't want to be a side kick
I don't have to be
All this time and I just realized
that I can be my own super hero
and who needs a super man when I'm a super woman

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Anonymous | February 2, 2011 at 4:15 PM

i am loving this!!!