what happen to the Black Man?

Definition of a Man
Artist: Jay C. Bakari

I love this picture. This strong black man taking on the world and protecting his child all at the same time.

I often wonder what happened to the black man. I know that we have Obama in the White House, and when it was announced that he was the new President I fell to my knees and with tears running down my face I gave thanks just like all the other black people I know. It was not only time that a black man took charge of what black slaves had built but it was well deserved.
But as I was saying what happened to the black man?

A list of construction workers building the White House in 1795 includes five slaves - named Tom, Peter, Ben, Harry and Daniel -- all put to work as carpenters. Other slaves worked as masons in the government quarries, cutting the stone for early government buildings, including the White House and U.S. Capitol. According to records kept by the White House Historical Association, slaves often worked seven days a week -- even in the hot and humid Washington summers.