Like really car...? really??

Okay right now I'm sitting in a stairwell at Troy (my school) waiting until my class takes a brake so that I can waltz right in there if I have been there the whole time.
My car is stupid yall I mean it just is. Every time I need to be somewhere it just wont start I think my car must hate Troy b/c it never seems to want to come hear. I can drive way cross town with no issue whats so ever (thank you GOD that I get back home) but the moment I need to come to class...NOTHING. 
So today it did start but  hunni..  it would go when all of a sudden it wouldn't... but I'm here now.
I'm afraid that it's going to be all crazy for me to get back, ...and wouldn't you know it .. my college is in downtown Montgomery with all kinds of crazies and did I not mention that my last class doesn't end until 10:15..but we do tend to get done soon (thx Ms. Johnson)
So bloggers what am I to do. Let see I have one good friend in Montgomery ...and she gots more going on then a lil bit ...really and the fam  live way across town.
I'm broke ..all the freaking way.. in need of a job.....with no help close at hand
The last thing I need right now is car trouble ..I didn't even tell you that the police seems to have it out for me and keep giving me freakin tickets
I'm bout to loose it bloggers really I'm close.
Pray for for me and this car ..b/c I just need it to do right...Right now.