ok first for the OMG... I had a job interview today. My worst fear..besides not getting the job was that I would be ready to go and my car wouldn't work ..well surprise surprise it freakin worked..and I think the interviews went well. Now they will do the background check and my last interview and I'm in... *cross your fingers* I really want this job really really really really!! and I really need it send up a prayer for me bloggers.
So now for the Really?... after working to go across town and coming back home I was feeling really good about Baby (thats my car). I was so hopeful that all was now well even though I have only had a oil change and even after that I had some problems.. So I come home sit for a while ...change for class, walk out to Baby ..... And freakin nothing I mean NOTHING!!  it is making noise but it won't freakin just dies after a second.
People I so need my car to do right... I have my last interview Monday... I'm thinking that I should take what little money I have saved and take Baby to the shop, I just want to wait until I hear from this Job first b/c if I get it then there we go A paycheck ... a way to fix my car .. and then get another one. I haven't already done that b/c I just really needed that money to stay on top of bills...
awwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaww thats me screaming ...
kinda feel like crying but I told myself a while back that I won't sit down and cry about things but instead try to find a solution ... I am tempted bloggers
I hate going from feeling on top of the world to feeling down and out... I wish things would just go right for at least 1 Whole Week... I mean nothing going wrong. No car trouble, No disappointing news, No friend calling me whining and complaining about their less then perfect life if mine is so awesome ...(thats for another blog). I know that life is going to be filled with downs...and that there will be ups...but yall I have been having alot of downs..
Ok enough of the pity party .. it's done and it will work out some way... some how ... it always does..and I always find a way.
Good news.. I'm still walking and feeling more confident in my ability to follow though on this weight journey everyday, my hair is napper then ever lol but I am so feeling least on most days :) I'm good, I'm me and I'm alive, and with each new day I have the opportunity to make things better...Nothing better then that bloggers