I need a J.O.B.

I soooo sooo so need some money which means that I need a job. I lost my job almost two years ago bloggers...thats right two freakin years ago. Lucky for me I received unemployment for a lil bit over a year after I lost it...so i had a lil money. Shortly after that I started school again so once again I was ok. But now we're going into summer and I have no money at all coming in ... and I sill have a few bills that I have to pay...If charter send me one more cable bill for $229.79 when my bill has a $149.00 guarantee .. ahhhhhhhhhn ... just typing that made me want to scream. Now the reason for this blog is that I'm having car trouble AGAIN So I just left the parts store were I spent $54 that I don't have and still got to pay to get the work done.... Now to be honest with you readers I just started to really look for a job... I have filled out every app. that I could find ..I'm at my wits end with this money thing...

I'm a stresser bloggers...and an emotional eater... so right now I feel like crying into a pant of chocolate ice cream followed by some home made fries.... (which would only make me depressed and cry more) I neeeeed neeed a job
I'm a optimistic person so I'm expecting the best but it's hell right now trying to believe that.