What happened to the black MAN??..II

One of the most important and most influential people in my life growing up was my great-uncle Mr. Charlie Huffman.  Uncle Charlie was there when I was a toddler holding my hand, babysitting me while my mom and grandma was at work, and just simply there. My uncle took me to school everyday and when my sister and I wanted to play jump rope he would turn the other end since there was only two of us and my brothers didn't want to play with "lil girls". The first time I rode my bike without training wheels Uncle Charlie was there cheering  me on and when I fell off he dusted me off told me "you can do it girl" and put me back on, and when I was able to ride without falling off he said " there you go girl, you sho can ride that bike"... he ..was there.
I didn't have a father growing up. I know who he is of course, and I saw him from time to time but it was Uncle Charlie who was my dad. Uncle Charlie who took me shopping, met my first boyfriend, and taught me how to drive. Some nights we would sit up til the sun came up laughing and watching movies, and on the weekend we would take a long drive to the country.
He was nice, kind, and sweet. and still had a job at 80 years old.
He fixed things that was broken without anyone asking, he mowed the grass, raked the yard, planted flowers, and still managed to look out for me. He was a man.
So tell me readers if my uncle was able to do all these things at 80 why is it so hard to find a 30 year old man who will do it?