Day 02

  A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear.... Friend
I don't even really know how to start this letter, I guess by telling you that I'm hurt.. that you hurt me.  You a person that I have come to expect love from,hurt me. My feelings have been stomped on by you my heart broken by and I don't know what words to use to make you understand how I feel right now. I don't know if you even care to know how I feel, but I'm going to write this letter anyway because I need this. I need to release this because it simply need to be said ... or in this case written.
I'm hurt by your disregard of my feelings, I'm hurt because you discussed me with other people... if you felt that their was an issue than you should have come to me in a reasonable manner. I'm hurt because I don't think my friendship ever really mattered to you. I know that I can be a little crazy but I value my friends, I always have. I hold friendship in high regard because I don't think it's easy to come by, not honest, real friendship. I'm hurt because..... wait I'm angry
I'm mad because, I valued you as a friend... I'm mad because I deserve friends who really care about me... I'm mad b/c I should have friends who trust me ... and in the span of  a few minuets I saw and realized how inconsiderate of my feelings you were. I'm mad because you raised your voice, got rude, and disrespected me all for NOTHING. Their was absolutely no reason for you to be mad at me, but by the end of you rant their was every reason for me to be mad at you... to be hurt by you. 20 minutes of silence in a car is nothing, compared to ...well shit who cares... I'm actually over this but since this blog called for a recent incident this one was it ...this letter is at an end