Day 12.....Oct. 23

they say time heal all wounds
but this cut bleeds daily
it's so deep that you can see within
and every time it begin to stitch
I remember
and the years fall away
months feel like minuets
and then
years feel like seconds
I miss you the way flowers miss the rain
slowly withering away
It'll be alright they said
but what do you do when alright never comes?
how do you cope when there is no going back?
and to move forward means leaving pieces of your heart behind?
I cry for you
tears fall from my eyes and run down my cheeks
I .... I miss you
there's a empty place inside that you use to fill
and my mind is consumed with only thoughts of you
I don't know how to...
to let time heal this ..
I don't know if..
time can heal this
No matter how long I wait
I won't hear you laugh again
I won't hear your voice.. again
tell me
somebody... tell me
How does time heal death.

Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one:-- My aunt told me about blogger and I liked the idea of it. I'm always writing down my feelings anyway so I said why not.