Day 14- A picture
A few years ago I decided to not have sex anymore until I met this..Mr. Wonderful. Now to be completely honest with you all this decision had nothing to do with religion. I do believe that premarital sex is a sin and all but my decision ..sad to say was not made because of that. I made the decision because it just wasn't worth it anymore. Yeah I know how that sounds but I'm not against sex .. I love sex really I do, but what I don't love is the idea of sharing myself with someone who doesn't matter. I have never been the 'slut of the neighborhood' type of girl. I didn't loose my virginity until I was eighteen and even than I had this fairy tale in my head of happily ever after.. that idea went out the window however around the time that he told me he was married. After that ..long, dreadful, mishap, I did the whole sex for the sake of sex college thing.. that didn't last long nor was it all that grand a time .. and again even than I wasn't the 'slut of the campus'. The guy I decided on.. having fun with.. was four years younger than me .. 18 to my 22.. and although it was...ummmm lol and he was beautiful to look at... it was just not something that I could then or now see for myself. I just can't see the point of being intimate with someone when you know there will be nothing more then that. What is the point of that? There is 24 hours in a day and15-30 minutes of sex.. (an hour or 2 max.. because lets get real joking about all night, all day sex is fun and all but Come On!...) is not enough to base a relationship on. Another reason I decided to not have sex for just the sake of sex is because I realize that I could never be happy with just that. I need phone calls and dates, conversations and laughs... I need the relationship. Not just any relationship but one that I think could last. There is just no way I see myself having sex with a dude that I can't even see in my tomorrows.. to me thats stupid.  Lets not even get on the health risks that are involved with just random sex... I like life.. I enjoy pain free, medicine free days... Anyway all this was said to simply say... I so miss yeah I know what I just typed and that still stands. I'm not about to go trolling for booty lol but I .. so...miss

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Traci Lavette | October 29, 2010 at 2:50 PM

Now see...what if you wait all that time and then the day comes to get down and it's NOT all that??!! I'm not trying to peer pressure you into testing any waters, but uhmmmm...let's keep it real...not too many know what they are doing these days and unless you are going to put your teacher's hat on, you might want to take you a lover now that you can gain some satisfaction with. What you don't want to happen is get this man that you think is the right one and be fooled into thinking the sex is gooooooood just because you like him. Know what I mean? I'm just sayin' girl!

Keep us posted, chica!