Day 15

Ok I have so left the whole 30 day thing behind lol.. I will be getting back to it but the whole point of it was to blog everyday, which I have been doing ...for the most part.

So there is this guy that I'm kinda into... and this has been going on for a while... but I'm just not to sure about him. The dude is a cutie, very attractive, but I'm just not sure about...well him. I know him and yet I know nothing about him..if that makes sense. I know that hes into me but I'm just not sure if it's the way I want him to be... Yall please excuse my elementary 'does he like me' emotions right now :) but this is so where I'm at... what to do, what to do?? I had his number but I now have another cell and gave my old one to my nephew to play with .. so it's gone. I would so call him tomorrow but umm... yeah
I saw him tonight yall and I didn't even speak .. I'm just super crazy I know... Thursday I'ma be super cute and I hope I see him.... again excuse the 13 year old infatuation on my 27 year old self lol
Same book different page... me and the 'bestie' still not talking which means who do I tell about the dude lol.. its been almost a month ... crazy I know.. Whats really crazy is that she has no idea why I was so upset and other than the fact that shes stubborn, I have no idea what her issue is.. the situation is kinda funny and more than a little sad...but oh well bloggers life goes on...

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Anonymous | October 27, 2010 at 8:54 AM

Heeey Girl!
I can relate! Your honesty about your feelings is great though! I say continue to go with the flow and try to say 'Hello" when you see him ;-)

I hope you and the Bestie can get back on track! Might take for one of you to reach out to the other...maybe give her a call or email her.