Day 06

Favorite super hero and why

My favorite super hero is Batman. Now I know it's some Superman fans out there who are like WHAT! lol In a super dude fight I do believe that Superman would win, after all he has all those cool super powers :)*white moment* But when it comes to who of the two I admire most it's hands down Batman. After all Batman choose his life as a super hero, he wasn't born into it, he saw that bad guys needed to be stopped in his city and he got it done. He didn't have to fight crime he came from a wealthy background.. he had plenty of choices. He choose his path. Now I know you can say the same for all.. or most super heroes but come on they all had theses powers... the only decision they had was to be good guy or bad guy. Batman had to be smart, after all he wasn't born with all those abilities. He had to work hard and come up with ideas and gadgets. He's a man I could put on a pedestal. In life we all have hard decisions to make I like to think that I would make the 'batman' choice in life. Work hard, fall in love, and fight the bad guys.