Solange Knowles

Ok .. I got this picture from facebook. Miss Jessie's, which is a brand of natural hair care products put it up.
So far it has gotten quite a few comments and so far the people say they love this picture, it's so pretty, she looks wonderful in it..they say. Bloggers .. REALLY! I hate this picture. I think that Solange is a pretty girl but this picture is so NOT. I don't like her hair, makeup, or outfit. I'm all for natural hair, after all I have it myself, but just because you're natural does not mean you always look pretty. As I have written before I think natural people are just a tad bit crazy... permed, straight, natural, whatever! its just hair people and it's ok to say when it's not cute. ..As I said it's not just the hair thats a problem for me in this pic in fact that is the least not cute thing. But come on yall do you think Solange looks her best in this photo or even pretty in this picture? Be honest.... *just sayin'

Now this is an older picture of her,right after the BC. This picture is beautiful.


Traci Lavette | October 29, 2010 at 2:34 PM

I agree! I don't think this picture is cute at all! Let me restate that...the LOOK is NOT cute at all. From the hair, to the outfit, to the makeup! Sooo not cute, Solange. I'm sorry sweetie, but this was not a good day.

Pamieka Adams | November 12, 2010 at 5:16 PM

omg I'm so happy that you agree with me.. sooo many ppl were saying that this was's just not